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What do you think about c betting hands with back door straight draws bdfd and an over card in a 3 way pot.Continuation Bet, Poker Strategies - Comprehensive guide about c-betting in poker.

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A guide to using and understanding continuation bets in online poker statistics.Money is what makes the game go around in poker -- learn how to talk the talk and the rules for different kinds of betting structures.Topics covered by Pete include general strategy, reasons to c-bet.Discussion To C-bet or not to C-bet that is the question. Title. Author. Category.

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Learn to play poker well and make smart bets if you want to make money at the casino.

I have heard both that you need to double the previous bet and that the minimum raise is the big blind.The continuation bet is one of the most powerful moves in online poker, and is a bet that has recently increased in popularity.This article looks at the various elements of cbetting in 3bet pots.

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Continuation Betting, commonly referred to as C-Bet or C-Betting.

Explains what C-Betting is and why so many players overuse this strategy when playing the flop.Come play at the leading online poker room at BetOnline Poker Room.

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A guide to using and understanding 3-bet and 4-bet in online poker statistics.

Too many players will raise preflop, only to bet when they connect and fold when they give up.

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Learn when to continuation bet on the flop with this useful examples.There are a few things to consider when making a continuation.Poker HUD Stat Continuation Bet (CB or CBet) shows the percentage of times when the preflop raiser in an online poker game bets again later in the hand.

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For example, If person A bets, Person B raises, Person C re-raises, Person C would have three bet.Hey guys, I want to get better at c-betting, so I currently study some spots to find out, where c-betting makes sense and where it does not.